Monday, February 16, 2009

007 Cowell Factor

American Idol announces its top 36! But one is already disqualified…and I know why? I will give the inside Cowell scoop and let you know who will be on the X Factor judging panel next year! And... who does Simon think will win Idol?

This week on the Fame Games website, I discovered “gold” with the band Dalton and Beta Rays! They both have the ability to write great songs! Dalton’s “Gabriel” has hit written all over it and Beta Rays can write great songs without getting into any lyrical clich├ęs.

Hey Sunbox, thanks for the poem! You should write a song to it! It’d be a massive hit!

And who was disqualified from Idol... Joanna Pacitti… and it’s not because she was once with a record label. Listen to the podcast and find out why!

So who’s gonna win Idol? Paula and Simon put their money on the men this year. Listen and hear who they are!

Next week, I’m going to tell you who I think will make the Idol Top 12 as well as let you know the celebrity mentors, so don’t miss out on next week’s Cowell Factor!

So who is really going to take over Danny Minouge’s spot in the X-Factor? Simon says, “Danny Minouge of course.” The underlying meaning: Posh Spice wouldn’t take it!

With the Grammys being held last week, many Brits took home the big awards for the night. My question of the week: What does it take to crack the American charts these days?

Email me at and let me know which British acts you think could break American charts this year! Who knows, it could be Beta Rays!

The Cowell Factor

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