Monday, April 20, 2009

016 Cowell Factor

They say fairy tales can come true and a little lady from Scotland stepped up onto the Britian’s Got Talent stage and proved that! .

But what is going on with American Idol and its seemingly predictable final? The big question this week is: Where are the rest of the contestants? Is it just me or is this competition over already?! This is a talent show with only one talent, Adam Lambert! Oh, and Simon too!

So now welcome to the Fame Games Talent bank!! I’m keeping with the Brit Band scene this week and for good reason. I was pleased to a band called the Dastards who get a lot of things right, including their name! Your song FlashLight is Ok, but I prefer your song Take a Left, it’s so infectious. I like the things you’re doing, so keep doing more.

Now I know I’ve mentioned the London duo, Edian before, but so what? I just love these harmonies and this whole acoustic sound. Your song No Reason illustrates exactly what you do best. This song is so hot! I would like to see you guys play live! Could I? Well where?

So this is how the fame game works: one day you’re living in a two bedroom cottage in Scotland and the next day you have a date on Oprah Winfrey! Now that’s what I call a fairy tale!! Now it seems that everyone knows who Susan Boyle is, thanks to her YouTube clip from Britian’s Got Talent, but what does this really tell us?

What I like is that her performance proves that fame has nothing to do with age, it has nothing to do with looks, it’s about talent and self-belief! How determined was this lady to never give up and to follow her dreams! It also proves just how powerful the internet really is! It proves how instant fame can be.

But isn’t that what we’re doing at Fame Games? Trying to create instant fame? And what happened to Susan should prove that anything is possible.

So my message is: Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Susan didn’t!

I’m heading to Vegas and I hear dj crier is going to be there! So I may take more than Mom’s gin while I’m there!

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