Monday, October 12, 2009

041 Cowell Factor: Would Carrie Underwood win American Idol today?

The X Factor gets down to business with the first live show. Meantime…Paula didn’t make it to the party. Simon has man flu - and Louis has surgery!

America has spoken…as you tell me which show you would rather watch. (Well, as long as Simon and Paula are on it)
Right come with me…’cause I’m gonna kick down the door to the Fame Games talent bank and release some hits. This week I’ve got to give a shout out to Beta Rays. I’ve just heard your song I like Dancing. I gotta tell you THIS IS HOT! I love it to bits and you know why? It’s infectious and you’re having so much fun. I absolutely love this song. Well done!

And it’s all British today because I have to include Oliver Piggott with his song Take No Prisoners. Oliver, you know I’m already a big fan of yours. This song takes a while to get going and I would have liked the chorus to come in a little sooner. That said – it’s another little gem of a song.

So what’s been going on in CowellWorld?….well…for starters my mailbox is full of emails from you making it absolutely clear what you think about The X Factor coming to America. Just to re-cap I asked you Are you ready for an Americanized X Factor? And would you watch both shows or dump Idol?

Stephanie Murphy writes: “I guess for me it is all about Simon and Paula, also, when they launch the show it will be great publicity for both of them. And Yes, I would watch both Idol and X-Factor, unless I just can't handle Kara and Ellen, and then Idol will have to go."

Jenice Beatty says:
I think X-Factor will have the longer life. Idol is already dying because it's just getting boring. As far as judges go I love Louis and Cheryl but I don't think American audiences will go for them.”

Yea but Jenice - why has Louis had his teeth whitened and his eye bags removed? Errr America calling!!!! Thank you so much for all your emails and I do read them all -- AND pass some to Simon!

Meanwhile The X Factor live shows are upon us. There’s a new set, a new face for Louis and a long way to go till Christmas. Hot on the heels of Robbie Williams appearance on the show - Next week its Whitney Houston’s turn to ask Simon if she can use his stage to make a comeback. Diva alert!!!

And what about that party…Mmmm. It was so wild! And, just for the record - Paula didn’t show. I know. I was so upset ‘cause had my mic at the ready. I asked Ryan Seacrest where she was - his reply? “Don’t Ask Tony.” The mystery deepens - but I’m on the case. Check out my party diary at the end of this blog!

So here’s the thing…I found a little poem the other day - not one of mine I hasten to add. But I think it was TS Elliot. The first line goes like this…Human nature cannot stand too much reality. I like that!

And with all these TV talent shows - I couldn’t help but wonder - Are we in danger of being overwhelmed? Are we getting SO used to seeing only singers of a certain type breaking through?

How much has changed since Carrie Underwood won Idol back in 2005. I don’t think Carrie would win Idol today. We’re too concerned in looking for pretty girls and pretty boys. There’s
no decline in the amount of people applying to go on Idol - but Is the talent being diluted? How good is last years X Factor winner Alexandra Burke? Is she better than Leona Lewis? No. She’s just a bit more urban. I wonder who has the longer shelf life. And what of Subo. Will her new album storm the charts? Yes. But the fact remains, she’s just a product of a reality show which she didn’t even win. Long life - or just a fad?

Look, don’t get me wrong I love music. But I love Country music, Jazz, Folk and classical too. I just don’t see any way that a country singer could win Idol as it is today. It’s odd really given that Simon rates Carrie as one of his favourite Idol winners. So what do you think? Would Carrie win Idol today?
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In the meantime - get ready for American X Factor.
EXCLUSIVE to this blog: Simon’s Birthday Party Reportl!

My Party Diary
7pm – Simon’s house -- Simon is still having his vitamin injections and a massage upstairs. Mum announces our car is outside. We finish our drink and rush outside the house. Car’s not there - but the paparazzi are. Mum starts poses immediately - I phone security for car. Car comes. Push mum in back seat - mid-pose and still holding glass.

8pm - arrive outside security gates at party…at least 100 Paparazzi. Mum poses again - but this time from inside the car and bashes Emma’s face.

Walk into the most beautiful 18th century building that appears to have had some sort of odd renovation. A huge projected image of Simon’s face at least 100 ft up covers the whole front of the house.

Enter 1st marquee - to be confronted by at least 50 waiters holding trays of vintage Dom Perignon champagne all wearing Simon masks! Mum nearly fainted. One Simon was enough for her!

Saw Danni Minogue - and chatted about the X Factor - and Simon. Love her. So very pretty - close up…Great dress - Loads of style. She reckons Lucie Jones will be in the final.
Cheryl’s sat next to Simon, shadowed by Phillip and Tina Green who as party organizers put on the most spectacular show I have ever seen.

9pm Dinner. Chicken soup with Simon’s name spelt out in the noodles! Then a choice of fish fingers or Spaghetti Bolognese - followed by buttercream cupcakes with pics of Simon in the icing.

10pm - Leona Lewis comes on stage, followed by Alexandra Burke. Both Brilliant!

11pm - At the bar - get accosted by Jordan and her weird boyfriend Alex Reid who then spends 15 minutes convincing us that he’s not a cage fighter - he’s an “artist!!” So boring. Jordan asks Emma to take her to the loo as she too scared to go alone. Surreal!

The unisex loo has wall to wall mirrors and make-up girls in attendance. One wall houses a gigantic fish tank full of baby sharks! Talking of sharks - met up with Kate Moss for a chat - but I don’t know what she’s talking about!

Ryan Seacrest comes over (he always makes a beeline for my Emma!) I ask him where Paula Abdul is and he replies “Don’t ask Tony.” Disappointed.

12pm - My younger brother Nicholas makes a funny speech to get his own back on Simon - who made a really embarrassing speech at Nick’s wedding. Simon then makes his speech - which was actually very moving and he spoke about being ’very lucky’ and that fame does not last for ever. Mum cries.

1am - Earth Wind and Fire take the stage - and Randy Jackson plays guitar with them. Awesome!

2am - Chat with Gordon Ramsey and his wife. Really funny guy - like him.

3am - All a bit of a blur - but find out later David Hassllehoff has been evicted from the party through a secret door!

4am - Mum has got very wobbly and keeps posing for imaginary paparazzi. I sit her down on Simon’s table. He ignores her so she chats up Dermot O’Leary. I feel for Dermot!

5am - Stuff mum into back of limo and arrive back at Simon’s house at 5.30. Try to put her to bed but she insists on sitting up drinking tea and talking about Piers Morgan. Goodnight Mum…..

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