Monday, August 17, 2009

033 Cowell Factor

It’s X Factor frenzy as Madonna and Robbie Williams are finally confirmed as mentors. Meanwhile - back in La La land - Victoria Beckham employs a vocal coach before judging on American Idol - And guess what? She was still crap!

And my god - I’ve never had so many emails in my life since I mentioned two precious little words - Paula Abdul

So what’s been going on in Cowell World?
Speculation over Simon leaving American Idol next year turns out to be much ado about nothing because I can reveal he’s finalizing his contract with Fox for another three seasons. And just so you know DJ Krier - The deal bumps his salary from $36 million to $45 million.

Ah but does that matter? - As things will never be the same without Paula.

And guess what? It’s only a week before the X Factor starts And the British tabloids are wetting themselves with excitement after finally getting confirmation that both Madonna AND Robbie Williams are going to be mentors. Not content with that - Simon’s phone must be red hot as he’s managed to convince both Whitney Houston AND Rihanna to guest on the show. There’s also a wee rumour that U2 may play live at the final - so watch this space…..

I’ve been talent hunting down in the Fames Games talent bank: And this week I’ve found Christopher Joel from Nashville, TN - Your song Fantasy World, Chris is really cool.

And I just have to mention Keegan Smith again. I’ve talked up his song Smile on the Cowell Factor before. But seriously, this guy is probably the most polished performer I’ve heard on Fames Games this year. Check out his album Special Delivery. Keegan Smith deserves to be absolutely huge. And please…let me know what you think.

So here’s the thing.

I definitely hit a sensitive spot with you last week when I mentioned Paula Abdul.
Well, as the dust settles and the reality dawns on us that Paula has actually left Idol. It’s all rather sad.

Media cynics believed that Paula would be unlikely to find a job as lucrative as idol - yet - one week later, Paula is already being courted by ABC, NBC, and “So You Think You Can Dance.” While her future is anything but certain, the notion that Paula had nowhere else to go is nonsense.

But Paula’s departure leaves bitter feelings on both sides. Her determination to blag more money from Fox was borne of a feeling that producers had undermined and disrespected her for years, - And yes - I think they have.

Frankly, I blame her manager for going public in an attempt to get a better deal from Fox. Bad move, you don’t negotiate with someone like Fox by using twitter - just ask Simon.

Now listen - I’ve had literally hundreds of emails from you - and most of you are really angry that Paula wasn’t saved.

(Listen to the podcast to hear some of the great emails I recieved)

So listen up all you Paula fans because I have a little theory I want to share with you. Paula’s being offered jobs left right and centre - most of which I hope she rejects. Because I have a feeling that, very soon, we’re going to see Simon and Paula back together on TV - in a brand new talent show.

I’m Tony Cowell - and this is………… The Cowell Factor. Listen to the full podcast here!

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