Monday, August 10, 2009

032 Cowell Factor

As Paula Abdul makes her exit from American Idol - will the viewers follow? - Is this the end for Idol? But more importantly who will Simon flirt with now?

Meanwhile - Has the X Factor already found the next Susan Boyle.
I hope not. And will Shakira be the one to mentor this season’s contestants. I find out.

But…what the hell - who cares about Idol – let’s go listen to some real music - down in the Fames Games talent bank: And luckily I’ve got two hot acts from London this week.

Ben Forster’s Lets Get Together is brilliant - so too Ben, is your song Fall Apart. Great vibe - great song writing.

And Edian - good to hear you back with your new song Bring Me to Life.

What’s been happening in Cowell world. As you’ve heard - Quite a lot.

As the X Factor gears up for a press launch next week - a SHY singer with an autistic disorder has stunned the judges in auditions.

Timid Scott James had barely set foot outside his front door in years before turning up for auditions. But now he’s tipped to become the next Susan Boyle after storming through to the final 50.

So here’s the thing - I think Everybody loses with Paula Abdul's departure from "American Idol."

Not because Paula is - as Fox say -a "tremendous talent," She's not.
Not because the show can't replace her. It can.
Not because the show won't go on, which it will, without so much as a symbolic empty Coke cup where Paula once sat.
Not that viewers will be plunged into terminal gloom. All but the most devoted Paula-philes will grumble and watch anyway.

Love or hate "American Idol," it's just a television show.

So where does idol go from here? Downhill - I would say.

Fox still isn't talking beyond it’s statement, but my insiders insist that the network very much wanted Abdul to stay. These sources say the network and producers were willing to up Abdul's salary by a huge 30 percent.

For me - Paula brought a certain amount of intrigue to the show because she was so unpredictable. And the on-air chemistry between Simon and Paula will be sorely missed.

So who could replace her????? DJ Krier???? -
Nope…Victoria Beckham has confirmed she will be a guest judge on the show. ‘Cause when you think music you think Victoria Beckham right? I hope she learns how to smile first…

It is believed Victoria - has agreed a fee of £155,000 to appear in two episodes of Idol’. What a Cheapskate!!!

So what do you think? has “Idol” lost some of its lustre by letting Paula go? We’re you a Paula fan? Or do you think the show will do just fine without her? I wanna know - so email me at tony@famegames

But before you do - rumors still continue to circulate that Paula Abdul and American Idol may not be officially divorced yet (or if they are, that a reconciliation is still on the table), new reports say that for $10 million a year, she'll still come back.

And..this is what Simon told me 2 hours ago when I asked him if it’s true that Paul’s quit.

Yes, it is true - but Tony…there is still time for a turnaround.

Oh. My. God. I’m Tony Cowell - and you’ve just heard…….The Cowell Factor

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