Monday, August 10, 2009

032 Cowell Factor

As Paula Abdul makes her exit from American Idol - will the viewers follow? - Is this the end for Idol? But more importantly who will Simon flirt with now?

Meanwhile - Has the X Factor already found the next Susan Boyle.
I hope not. And will Shakira be the one to mentor this season’s contestants. I find out.

But…what the hell - who cares about Idol – let’s go listen to some real music - down in the Fames Games talent bank: And luckily I’ve got two hot acts from London this week.

Ben Forster’s Lets Get Together is brilliant - so too Ben, is your song Fall Apart. Great vibe - great song writing.

And Edian - good to hear you back with your new song Bring Me to Life.

What’s been happening in Cowell world. As you’ve heard - Quite a lot.

As the X Factor gears up for a press launch next week - a SHY singer with an autistic disorder has stunned the judges in auditions.

Timid Scott James had barely set foot outside his front door in years before turning up for auditions. But now he’s tipped to become the next Susan Boyle after storming through to the final 50.

So here’s the thing - I think Everybody loses with Paula Abdul's departure from "American Idol."

Not because Paula is - as Fox say -a "tremendous talent," She's not.
Not because the show can't replace her. It can.
Not because the show won't go on, which it will, without so much as a symbolic empty Coke cup where Paula once sat.
Not that viewers will be plunged into terminal gloom. All but the most devoted Paula-philes will grumble and watch anyway.

Love or hate "American Idol," it's just a television show.

So where does idol go from here? Downhill - I would say.

Fox still isn't talking beyond it’s statement, but my insiders insist that the network very much wanted Abdul to stay. These sources say the network and producers were willing to up Abdul's salary by a huge 30 percent.

For me - Paula brought a certain amount of intrigue to the show because she was so unpredictable. And the on-air chemistry between Simon and Paula will be sorely missed.

So who could replace her????? DJ Krier???? -
Nope…Victoria Beckham has confirmed she will be a guest judge on the show. ‘Cause when you think music you think Victoria Beckham right? I hope she learns how to smile first…

It is believed Victoria - has agreed a fee of £155,000 to appear in two episodes of Idol’. What a Cheapskate!!!

So what do you think? has “Idol” lost some of its lustre by letting Paula go? We’re you a Paula fan? Or do you think the show will do just fine without her? I wanna know - so email me at tony@famegames

But before you do - rumors still continue to circulate that Paula Abdul and American Idol may not be officially divorced yet (or if they are, that a reconciliation is still on the table), new reports say that for $10 million a year, she'll still come back.

And..this is what Simon told me 2 hours ago when I asked him if it’s true that Paul’s quit.

Yes, it is true - but Tony…there is still time for a turnaround.

Oh. My. God. I’m Tony Cowell - and you’ve just heard…….The Cowell Factor

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  1. Hi Mr. Cowell,

    I am Maxine and i happen to read your post regarding Paula's departure. Like anyone out there, i am sad...I have started watching that show since season 2 and i was 10 yrs old back then, and in connection to that, i am sad to see Ms. Abdul go and leave the show that she helped build from day one to what it is now. I must admit, i was not a fan of her up until season 7 and since then, i realized that she really is a beutiful person,inside and out..Here are a few things, i'd like you to know:

    First, when you said that paula "Not because Paula is - as Fox say -a "tremendous talent," She's not.
    Not because the show can't replace her. It can.". I think her looking for something good about everything is already a huge talent. Its easy to tear someone apart and try to criticize a person specially when she or he is on the spot being watched by thousands of people, but its harder to see something good when all you see is bad, so for me, that already is a tremendous talent, worth more than 10 mil. dollars...And if you are saying or meaning it artistically, i have to say, she is also..She has earned more awards and achievements than any of the idol winners and contestants combined, that is a fact. She is also genuine,kind hearted and really care alot about people which is hard to find in that kind of business...

    Second of all, Idol without Paula is like christmas without gifts just as like your brother, christmas without the grinch...She brings alot to that show,i must agree.. She brings an heir of wackiness and unpredictability as well as credibility and heart. Lets admit it, we all love to hate Paula..One reason i think idol is a huge success is because she brings alot of drama and press to the show (is she drunk,is she on drugs, a fan died because of paula, did she have an affair with the contestants) and it provides great entertainment and if we want a show where absoulutely no drama is present, then ill just watch jeopardy...She also is the yin to your brothers yang and 3/4 of the audience watch their interaction becuase that is what idol is about...The simon and paula show is as great as american idol itself..

    Third, now that she is gone, who will do press junkets>?..i'd highly doubt it would be simon since he is pretty busy and would care less...Not ryan coz he has different shows to attend to...Randy is just too boring and kara,half the time,people dont know her and when they do, they also hate her...

    Who will help put back the contestants together, the panel is now 3/3 mean and i think every show needs its own cheerleader...i doubt it would be randy, kara comes off sometimes as trying hard and patronizing and hell would freeze if its simon...

    And lastly, who would we love to hate and pick on...Nobody cares about randy, kara is already hated so she doesnt need to be loved, as long as ryan keeps the show moving, were all right..simon, simon just have to be simon and i dont have a problem with that...

    Lastly, i think, this is the stupidest decision a network has ever done in history....Just give her what she wants, thats the least Fox could do for everything she has put up with their crap...Plus, its plain greedy and descriminating on her part...Like you said, the show has jumped the shark and it will surely loose viewers alot...I,myself am not gonna watch it...Lets just pray that fox return to its senses...


  2. hi tony ,
    i'm writting to you because I think that american idol did the biggest mistake by letting paula go
    for my part , i'm not watching the show anymore , i was watching it because paula is more entertaining than idol and because of the chemistry between paula and simon , simon don't flirt with other femal judges in his other shows and i think that most of idol viewers watch for simon and paula .
    I also think that american idol became the 1# show because of simon and paula , i'm sure at 90%
    and let me tell you that american idol without paula is not american idol because she was one of the three original judges
    and tony one thing : paula is a great talent , she dances, choreograph and sing and act she does everything

    please tony if you have any other infos about paula departure please tell us


  3. Hi!

    I don't usually do this kind of thing. I'm not into celebs, or TV that much. American Idol was one of the three shows I actually watched. I don't write to people I don't know like this, either. I just had to do it this time.

    I'm sad about the way people are talking about Paula Abdul. I'm glad that she's missed now that she is gone and even the media is writing nice things about her, for a change. I still don't think they get it, really. How can you say she's not talented for what she has achieved? She is a self made woman with a good heart. Nobody is perfect, or should be expected to be, but how can anyone just diss her like that... It's like saying she didn't bring anything else to the show, but that she was only some loopy woman, who was fun to poke fun at.

    Here's my take on American Idol and why it is as successful as it is (or rather, was)... It wasn't just a funny show, it had something more to it. Sure, they act on that show, too, but there was something real there that made me love it. I didn't like Simon dissing people. I liked the balance, chemistry and humour, the warmth and how "the dysfuntional family" grew together... how the show grew... I liked the music. I couldn't have cared less about who won, except for David Cook, because I thought he was magic... I certainly didn't watch the show, because I'd love to hate anyone.

    It's tricky with showbusiness, or with any business, really, because it always involves people. You have to be smart about that, understand about people. I really think (even though I know that I'm probably not in their target audience, well, for age I am) that if you become too arrogant with something, if you try to force it and fake it, it'll fail eventually. I think (even though I'm just a fan, not an expert!) they could have done many other things to refresh the show, but they decided to let one of the main ingredients go.

    I think Simon Cowell has been pretty smart regarding his own shows. I haven't really watched them that much, but the bits I've seen and the changes he has made have all (except losing Sharon from the X-factor) made some sense. I think Fox and whoever made the decision of letting Paula go like that, or hiring a fourth judge, for that matter, made a mistake.

    Thanks for reading, if this ever reached You.

    - Former AI fan.

  4. I'm really hoping that simon brings paula back to idol !!
    I really believed him when he said that would not do the show without any of them,that he would fight for them (randy ,ryan and PAULA)
    and last month when he gave an interview to extra saying that "she will be fine , she WILL be on the show" ... all that made me believe on him !!
    and when the time comes is kara and victoria B who are there sitting in paula`s chair ... that is SO NOT RIGHT !!
    we want to see our loopy paula there , b/c is her who has been there since day one ,helping idol be what is today !!
    i will no longer watch idol with out paula , idol will became boring without the interaction between simon and paula !!
    tell them to get ride of boring kara , and her never and coments !!
    bring paula back to idol !!
    can you please tell that to simon ?? i think if something for bringing paula back is simon cowell !!
    thank you tony !!

  5. I used to be a really big Simon Cowell fan and American idol fan but not anymore. But I still am Paula Abdul fan. I think that you´re brother is a LIAR. He said many times that he wouldn`t do the show without Paula and he would fight to keep her on the show but what was he doing last week??? deluged

    I think it was Simon Fuller`s idea to get Paula off the show and bring Victoria Beckham to the show. That way Simon Fuller would get even more money cause he is Victoria`s manager. Victoria is a bad choice. She even looks scary. Fox should just pay those 10 millions to Paula. She is so sweet and balances the judges table and of course flirts with Simon. Can you imagine Simon flirting with Posh Spice. It makes me feel sick! Simon could always flirt with himself or with Ryan but that wouldn`t be as entertaining as it is with Paula.

    About those salary issues. How would you feel if everybody else who is doing the same job as you would get at least three times more money than you? I would be pissed. If fox could`t afford those 10 millions for Paula then Simon and Ryan should give some money to Paula from they`re salaries. Or they could say bye bye to Kara Dioguardi and save some money or is she working there without paycheck? I don´t think so. Those stupid producers (especially Simon Fuller) are just way too GREEDY!!!!

    It is time for you`re brother to do something if he is as big in showbisness as he is saying. There is still time to save American Idol. Bring Paula back. Replacing her with some popsingers is just making people more angry.

    I hope that Paula would come back otherwise American idol is going downhill.


  6. hi tony! Im sure you are aware Paula and Simon have a HUGE fan base and honestly nothing would be sadder than seeing them seperated. I honestly believe they have the best chemistry on TV, by a mile.

    I truly hope you tell Simon to do everything he can so she returns to the show. Reports are now saying she still wants to be on the show, even though she loves the other job offers shes been getting, she still prefers to be on AI. I feel the "spark" of the show would disappear if she goes. Simon will be bored and Dioguardi, beckham, Perry etc simply do Not have Paulas personality and can in no way replace her. I realize Paula may be too proud to ask Simon to battle for her and maybe she feels she wouldnt want to be in gratitude towards him. But honestly- whats happening is ridicolous and completely unecessary. TRULY hope to see her back at Idol within a couple of weeks!


  7. I will no longer watch the show if Paula is not a part of it. I watched the show mainly because Simon and Paula were so entertaining together. They have a HUGE fan base! I can't stomach the idea of someone else sitting in Paula's chair.

    I will also lose respect for Simon if he just sits back and does nothing. After saying numerous times that he wouldn't do the show without Randy or Paula and that he would fight for either one of them. Paula left because of a salary dispute. She wants $10 million to stay and if Simon takes this new rumored offer of such a pay raise, it would be like a slap in the face to Paula. He should say to Fox, I'll only sign back on for 3 more years if you'll sign Paula for those same 3 years and give her the $10 million she's asking for. Fox would do that to kiss Simon's a$#.

    The show should end with the original judges, anything else just isn't right.

  8. Where is Simon in all this? Many times he has publicly stated he would not do the show without Paula or Randy, so DO SOMETHING Simon. Idol without Paula will not be worth watching, half the entertainment factor will be missing, ie. chemistry with Simon, and paula herself. I disagree with you regarding her talents,
    I think her a very good dancer, and an excellent choreographer. But she also possesses that certain something......shall we call it the X-Factor!? Paula is both beautiful and very watchable. Silly Fox ditching the person who garnered so much publicity for them and the show.