Monday, March 16, 2009

011 Cowell Factor

This week Simon dreams up some new rules to make American Idol sing -So.. two contestants go down and the ratings go up.

But first, before Idol… I go back in the Fame Games talent bank to discover two new artists who I think should be selling millions of albums.

The first is a guy who last year was a finalist on Canadian Idol - Oliver Piggott. I love your song Our Generation - you suddenly make folk music sound really cool. You don’t sound like anyone else - you're doing your own thing - and it's fresh.

Now I’ve mentioned this artist before but I cant help showcasing her again. It's Midori and Audioclique. I think Rock, Paper Scissors is such a brilliant song - I can't believe what you're doing Midori and yor only 16. With songs like this you so deserve to be huge.

And so what about American IDOL..This show has finally hit it's stride. Last week it was Michael Jackson songs- and I can reveal that next week is all about country music...expect loads of Dolly Parton songs!!

So listen up this is Tony’s tip of the week
With music now available with a single click, it's easy to forget that songs are not born whole and ready to play. They are created by artists like you who draw on a combination of skill and inspiration.
One of my favorite websites is the Measure for Measure at the New York Times website. It's all about the song writing process. The blog is hosted by some music heavyweights including Suzzane Vega and Roassna Cash. But whats really cool about this site is that the writers post their songs online and you can watch the songs actually evolve. So check this site out - not just because I said so - but because I think it will inspire you.

So.. Suzanne got me thinking and I couldn’t help but wonder…

So many people keep telling me, "The music ‘industry’ is dying," but they don’t say why. One of the problems is that shows like American Idol are not looking for the next talent to come along and change music, they’re looking for the next in a line of artsists we already have. They’re looking for the next Britney Spears, or the next Justin Timberlake.
If someone like Janis Joplin auditioned for Idol - she wouldn’t stand a chance. She’s wasn’t blonde, she didn’t really dance, and didn’t know the meaning of the word stylist. But seriously… many of the original ground breaking artists would even get a foot on the Idol stage today? Bob Dylan? Definitely Not. Willie Nelson - no chance. Bruce Springsteen? I don’t know….
What I love about Fame Games is that it has no pre-conceived agenda - it doesn’t discriminate. It’s not just about image. It's only concerned with breaking NEW music - it's all about the song - and the sound. SO..just bring on Indy Idol.
So… what does Simon say this week?
Well, he definitely wants Michael Jackson to guest on the X Factor. And I’m not surprised. With Jackson on the brink of the biggest comeback in the history of pop having already sold out 13 dates in London.
So here’s the thing….Do you think Simon’s right to have Jackson on the X Factor??????

Yea, he’s written some of the most memorable songs in pop history, but does he still have the X Factor - and more importantly is he still fit enough to moonwalk?? And do I really care????

I wanna know whether YOU would go to a Michael Jackson concert - and whether you REALLY believe he is still the King of Pop?
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