Monday, September 7, 2009

036 Cowell Factor

Never mind Robbie Williams - Get ready for Boyle mania as Susan’s album is already number 1 in America!

Meanwhile - AVRIL LAVIGNE takes her seat as a guest judge on Idol - who’s next? Obama???

But before all that – let’s kick down the door to the Fame Games talent bank. And it never takes too long for me to unearth a gem. And Scotland has a habit of producing little gems - in the form of The Genevieve’s. Your song Forgive Me has a kind of haunting quality. Cute.

Now we turn to the Fame Games Hall of Fame to get some Kelly Pettit. And you know what Kelly? I actually prefer it when you’re doing your country thing. Just love your song World Is Turning.

So what on earth has been going on in Cowell world???
Well, Avril Lavigne is set to join AMERICAN IDOL as a guest judge during the final two days of auditions in Los Angeles. I’m a big fan of Avril’s music - she’s hugely talented - but is she right for Idol?

Well compared to Victoria Beckham - Yes

And despite being 2 and a half months before Susan Boyle’s debut album is released - so many fans have been pre-ordering on Amazon that it is now Number 1 in the US. My god!
The album is actually released on November 24th - which is a bit odd really as Adam Lambert's album is due out the same day. Mmm, I bet Adam never thought he would be up against Susan Boyle!

According to US press TV viewers are getting tired of Americas Got Talent because none of the contestants really hit the spot - one US magazine stated The X Factor has way more talent even in the audition stages … Danyl Johnson, Daryl Markham to name a few. So - is this what Simon always wanted? The chance to take The X Factor to America and give the people what they want. Watch…This…Space…

So here’s the thing……
A recent poll on The X Factor website claimed that 45% of viewers thought that Simon has turned into "Mr. Softie." Mmmmm! But even funnier is that 35% thought he risked losing his place as the meanest X Factor judge. Really? Who to? Louis?!!

Some people reckon that he has toned down things after the backlash when he made ten year old Hollie Steel cry on Britain’s Got Talent. Did you see that? Then of course you had the Boyle Factor. When Susan had that little…well…meltdown.

But I couldn’t’t help but wonder….doesn’t Simon have a huge responsibility to ensure that the young kids on these shows, as well as contestants like Susan, are looked after? Of course he does, and he is taking this issue very seriously.

Look…. Simon’s hasn’t changed. He’s always been the King of the cutting comment. I can vouch for that - I’ve been on the end of many a snarky remarks! This year Simon is being extra careful with the youngsters - and that’s good to see. After doing this for 8 years I think he’s more comfortable showing his softer side.

But, will it last????

If you think Simon’s gone soft this year email me at - and let’s try and make him hard again..

The Cowell Factor

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