Tuesday, June 23, 2009

025 Cowell Factor

This week I’ve been rubbing shoulders with royalty. I mean the Queen - not Simon. I get the scoop on Adam Lamberts new album & Susan Boyle continues to create havoc. But who cares? Frankly I’d rather listen to All Day Sucker. Listen NOW to this week’s Cowell Factor!

With their time in the American Idol bubble now over, this seasons finalists are finding the music industry may not agree with how Idol voters ranked their talent.

Winner Kris Allen and runner up Adam Lambert both signed with 19 Managemnt last week but 19 also announced a deal for 4th placed finisher Alison Iraheta - who I think could well have a great career ahead of her.

Meantime… Adam Lambert has reportedly begun work with producer RedOne, the man behind many of Lady Gaga's hits.

My source at RCA Recordings said that Adam's debut album will feature a "Queen-inspired" sound "that goes beyond what he did on Idol."

X Factor news
Simon tells me that this season ALL X Factor auditions are being held in front of a live audience. Simon says…The reason is, I think viewers can get tired of listening to the judges bickering. Ultimately these shows are all about what the public want. It’s not all about what the judges think.

Simon also plans to have the X Factor results show on the Sunday night - which will then go head to head with the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.
I think I know who will win that ratings war.

So here’s the thing. ……
This week I’ve been at Royal Ascot - mainly to witness the battle of the world’s biggest egos - Simon and Piers Morgan. Only one winner there.
Of course - while I was there I did my fair share of gambling too. And lost.

But the whole gambling thing got me thinking…and I couldn’t help but wonder. Is the music industry too safe??? Are the major labels too scared to gamble on new acts?
I’ve moaned on and on before about all the come back kings - how all the old acts from the 60’s and 80’s are reforming and still selling albums.

But where are the risk takers? Music’s got too safe. Nothing is new anymore - just re-invented. Where are we going to find the next big thing. We can’t just leave it too the talent shows to find talent. What has happened to A@R???

Look how the world changed when Elvis hit the scene. The Beatles created a music revolution. Punk saved the world from boring 70’s music.

But who is going to be the next Amy Winehouse - none of you hopefully. Where is the next David Bowie? Or Morrisey?

Will Adam Lambert become the next Freddie Mercury? - But Adam grabbed fame from a talent show. What I want to know is why aren’t the record labels investing in new talent.

When I look around at Fame Games I fall over HUGE TALENT. People who are prepared to be different: Armen, Two Spot Gobi, Beta Rays. Midori and Audioclique. The list is endless. But I will continue to highlight the talent I hear on FamesGames. Like you, I will never give up on trying to promote real talent that deserves to be noticed. What I want now is to see some record labels gamble. Take a chance. And change the face of music.

Which reminds me - while I’ve been off quaffing champagne at ascot I have to say thank you to some people who have emailed me this week.

My thanks go to…….Sunset Slim, StefaniScovolo, Bobby Tinsley, John Carlson
I will - I promniose, be contacting you all on Monday.

And a special thankyou to All Day Sucker. And boys…..just give the dog back please.

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