Monday, March 2, 2009

009 Cowell Factor

Now I was going to mention three American Idol contestants who sang really badly this week and STILL somehow made it into the top 12……but I won’t. I can find better singers on Fame Games – and I do.

My first pick of the week from the Fames Games Talent Bank is Armen – and his fusion of hip-hop and R&B is just so infectious - and I love the whole spiritual vibe that’s going on.
Someone else I really like is Jason Adamo – I just love his voice – this boy can really sing. I so wish you were in idol this year…And now I’ve probably depressed you haven’t I?

Now talking of self-belief - What does Simon say this week? – well first off (IF you ARE an Idol fan – which I know DJ Crier is..secretly) – Simon says, "I think when we put the final 12 together, you will see more personality, this year.’ Oh Yea??? – OK….if you say so. And finally, I asked him what was that weird story about you wanting to have your body frozen when you died? Did he have anything to say? You’ll have to listen to find out!

So listen up - My advice to last year’s idol winner David Cook is enjoy your fame while it lasts because Ruben Studdard and Clay Aitken are the latest victims to be dropped by their record labels. Sadly they join an ever increasing list including Blake Lewis, Katharine McPhee and Bo Bice – How does that happen? Well…..Bad management comes to mind.So I couldn’t help but wonder – When you have had the biggest platform in the world and been watched by over 40 million people - What goes wrong?

So my question is – Once you have experienced that level of fame - What DOES it takes to stay on top?
Well, one look at the top money earners last year – tells its own story. The big money is in touring. The Billboard figures for 2008 show that Madonna tops the list of high rollers earning $242 million! But let’s face it, the top earners have been around for decades and have a huge fanbase.

So…build YOUR own fanbase.

The download stars of today – artists like Just Jack and Gnarls Barclay, had already built a massive fan base online. But if you look at these artists today – guess what? They are now on major labels – WELL what a surprise. The major labels will always come knocking – once they sniff talent – moreover , if they can see you have done most of the work by building a ready made audience – you surely have a bigger chance of getting signed. So go for it.

And if you wanna argue this? – be my guest – just email me at - And Lets talk!

The Cowell Factor

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