Thursday, February 12, 2009

004 Cowell Factor

It’s a hello and goodbye to Kelly Brooke who joined the judging panel of Britian’s Got Talent…and then got fired 6 days later! My advice to her, why not write a book called “How to make a million out of TV without ever actually appearing!”

Now to Idol, are there signs that Simon and Cara may not be getting along too well? Is Simon putting her in her place?

The highlight of the Idol auditions last week for me? Joanna Pacitti, and I trust that she will make the final!

Has the BBC sunk to new lows with its show EuroVision? And who even cares about EuroVision anymore? If you haven’t seen the show, please don’t bother – It’s an insult to real talent!

And the Idol scoop? Find out if it’s true that the final 12 will live under the same roof and be videotaped 24/7! Will this be Idol meets Big Brother?

I find that this year, Idol will be drawing more from ex-Idol winners, including David Cook. I believe that it’s his songwriting that makes him stand out from previous winners. This brings me to my piece of advice this week – If you can’t write songs, don’t even bother trying to make it big in this business.

I’ve been listening to enough brilliant songs on Fame Games to convince me that some of you guys actually know what you are doing! Congrats again to all Fame Games artists who have been sending me emails in regards to the 2008 Effigys; I was just so glad I could have a part in it. Special thanks go out to Sunset Slim and Sunbox for their messages.

I’ve been talking with two major record labels this week and they all say the same thing – they are cutting back on their artist rosters. But what I did learn, and there is a positive side, that labels are turning their attention to new independent artists! Tune in to this podcast and find out WHY!

The Cowell Factor

If you've only got ONE shot at FAME you might as well get it right!!

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