Tuesday, March 10, 2009

010 Cowell Factor

After being inspired by a song sent to me by a fame gamer …. I go in search of the Creative spirit in a bid to find out what it really takes to write that hit song.

But first… I’ve had quite a few emails this week on the subject of the live music scene in America. Jon Crowe – from New York band Character Nine says Tony, “Is the live music scene dying in the US?” Well John – I’m afraid it is in New York. But do go down to the Cornelia Street Café on Bleeker street – where they hold what they call the Songwriters Beat – It’s where indy artists try out their new songs in front of a live audience! Of course places like LA, Nashville and Austin, Texas all have a booming live music circuit. So John…. I think maybe you should move.

I get kinda cozy down here in the Fame Games talent bank today because I’ve found two really jazzy girls: New Yorker Emily Zuzik– this girl’s got such a smooth sexy voice – I couldn’t resist her. My other girl is Amber Ojeda from San Diego, I just love this jazzy sound you have. Your song Hype Love is fantastic. You are both my Fame Game Idols this week. Don’t stop.

And so….. to American IDOL –
And At long last… the top 13 are finally announced. This shows feels like its been running for months already. Listen and find out who Simon thinks should win. I have my mind set on someone else though!!!

But you know what...for all the stellar moments so far this season …I’m getting so tired of listening to all these bad covers. At least when David Cook sang covers – he proved he had the ability to make the songs his own. My version of American Idol would be simply Fame Games but on TV. In other words Indy Idol. Would you be a contestant on Indy Idol?? Yea you bet you would.

So you think you can write songs do you???
I had an email from Fame Gamer Sunset Slim in Nashville and he sent me a brilliant song he’d written called Hope I Never Write Another Song. – You know what? I’m beginning to warm to you Slim – and naturally I really hope you do write another song.

Slim – you know what? …artists like you – really light up Fame Games for me – and lift it to higher plane. I really like this song. So give it a listen and a vote.

So Slim’s song got me thinking….and I couldn’t help but wonder… what we really have to do to capture that creative spirit? Where do we find inspiration to write that hit song?
Why don’t you email me at Tony@famegames radio.com – and lets talk showbiz.

The Cowell Factor

If you've only got ONE shot at FAME you might as well get it right!!

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