Monday, March 23, 2009

012 Cowell Factor

Well it's definitely been a week of highs and lows! The Highs? Simon gets named checked by President Obama on Jay Leno. And the lows...American Idol becomes a bit like watching the lions and the Christians.

Meanwhile, back in Britain -more lows - as former X Factor winner Leon Jackson gets booted off his record label. Boy can Showbiz be cruel!! So… just to help…I go in search of what you have to do to keep motivated in this business.

Now on American Idol…On Wednesdays’ elimination show, Alexis goes out in what can only be described as the most excruciatingly cruel way. She had to sing again to see if the judges would save her. And guess what? They didn’t. But hey, that’s showbiz!
But ten go onwards and upwards and I can reveal that next week it’s Motown - and Smokey Robinson is going to mentor - Get it on!

Now….back down in the Fame Games talent Bank -
This week I’ve found two artists who are completely different. No Second Troy is a rock band from Washington DC. And this band has somehow found a way to blend the pop hooks of Snow Patrol and Coldplay with their own unique arrangements.
Then… I found Indiana Gregg in the Fame Games contenders list - I like you Indiana because anyone who can write a song like Groovy Kinda wonderful deserves to be noticed. You certainly know how to write hooks.

You did say you wanted to be in show business didn’t you? OK…Good. So let’s just put that to the test. How do you cope with the highs and the lows??? Well…. imagine - you’ve just sung in front of 30 million people on Idol - and Mr Cheesy Seacreast announces you have the least number of votes and you have to sing again to see if the judges want to keep you. So You do - and just like Alexis - you get booted off.
But I couldn’t help but wonder - this business is seriously tough - so you need to be tough. So when the lows do come - how do you deal with them ? How do you stay motivated.

You know what? ..I don’t normally talk about Simon much …do I? Maybe I do…But I’m going to use him as an example this week. And I don’t really care whether you are a fan of him - or not.
Simon has this Karma thing going on. He never gets down - ever.
And its SO annoying.
If you’ve read his autobiography he talks about losing everything. And he did. He even had to go home and live with mum - no easy task I can tell you. And her cooking’s terrible.
And what happened? He never once gave up on his dream. He never once stopped telling himself he wasn’t going to make it. He had to start again. He got another job in A@R. He told the label they should look to TV for recording artists - they laughed at him. Told him he would never make it in the music business. (Yea right!)
So don’t suffer rejection - try again. If they don’t like your song - write another. Don’t listen to what people tell you - they may be wrong. And when the lows do come - be strong… because this business is all about winners - and winners get back up to fight again.
This business is so full of highs and lows. And that’s WHY I love it SO much.If you want talk about the fame game!

The Cowell Factor

If you've only got ONE shot at FAME you might as well get it right!!

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