Monday, June 29, 2009

026 Cowell Factor

Following the sad death of Michael Jackson - I attempt to analyse what lessons we can learn about that class A drug called FAME.

But first, the Fame Games talent bank!

When I dig deep into the Fames Games talent bank I always get a sweet surprise. This week I found British folk singer Mark Abis with his song Stronger than Desire - Which for me kinda captures the heart and soul of an early Dylan. I don’t think Folk music performed as well as this gets enough of a mention on Fame Games. Well done Mark - I for one am really grateful you’re here.

I was also very impressed with Brighton band Keena. I just Love the cutsie sound you get on your song Butterfly. And Katerina - you look really hot! And my record industry spies tell me you are already getting a name out there. Keep gigging because I have a feeling they’re right.

So what’s been happening in Cowell World? - I’ll tell you.

After five years on the hit show, Simon has made it clear that the next series of X Factor will be his last. He also says he wants Cheryl Cole to become the new main face of the show. Well, it’s certainly a cute face - but I’m not so sure she has quite enough clout to carry it off. She’s just too nice.

Meanwhile Simon has announced he is to join forces with billionaire tycoon Sir Philip Green to launch a billion-pound global TV empire. And one of their first targets could be Britain’s own ITV network.

Michael Jackson - first off - my thanks to all of you who emailed me about the death of Michael Jackson. Clearly Some of you were very upset. But I do appreciate all your comments.

So here’s the thing. - whatever you think of Michael Jackson - he was, without question a musical genius. And I think its one of those situations where today we have to forget all the controversy and just remember the music. Jackson leaves behind such a massive musical legacy.

But Fame is like a drug - and you can overdose on it.

Did Michael Jackson really overdose on Fame? Did he ever learn how to handle fame? Or was he merely a gifted performer who never had a childhood?

Probably no celebrity has been as revered over the past 40 years as much as Jackson. And I guess when so many people love your music - it starts to change you. You buy into the hype.

So which Michael Jackson will be remembered? The unsurpassed entertainer, the gifted and driven song-and-dance man who wielded rhythm and melody. Or the bizarre and troubled figure he later became?

He was working on a stadium spectacle for 50 shows in London this summer, and now we will never know if all his skill and showmanship could have given him a new start.

To say he was troubled - is an understatement. But for me…Jackson was merely a great musician and a compelling performer. I know nothing else about the man inside.

But I will remember his music - forever.

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If you've only got ONE shot at FAME you might as well get it right!!

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