Wednesday, August 26, 2009

034 Cowell Factor

I've been at the X Factor press launch - well I was the only Cowell in town. And the show? You're gonna love it. And so far, no sob stories.

And on this week's Cowell Factor..more of your Paula Abdul conspiracy theories. Including your latest? Is Paula pregnant?

I cant imagine who I could ask about that...!

So whats been happening in Cowell World?

Well, with Simon in LA - and Louis having his teeth whitened, it was down to Sinitta and I to amuse the press at the X Factor launch party. Simons little helperI couldnt wait to find out what her role will be on the show?

Meanwhile Simon promises to help Paula Abdul get her job back on Idol. But Is it all too little too late? Once again, my mailbox is full of emails asking this very question, but you'll have to tune in to hear all about it.

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The Cowell Factor

If you've only got ONE shot at FAME you might as well get it right!!


  1. thanks for your comments, I love reading your blog! I'm in love with the cowell, are amazing! :) <3

  2. Although Paula has not confirmed whether this actually pregnant, everyone says, but why you say so ... That would be incredible to see paula with a baby, she's really sweet. =)
    I am so anxious for know if the rumors are true 8/


  3. well if paula is pregnant so who is the father ??
    simon cowell maybe ??
    anyway , if fox not bring paula back i will not watch idol anymore !!
    i still love simon but i will be deeply disappointed with him if he signs for 3 more years without paula , because he said that he would not do idol without paula and if that was not true he should not have said !!
    well I think I have to wait and see what happens ...
    hopefully he will bring her back !!

  4. you could ask simon cowell about paula's pregnancy ;-)j/k.
    I really hope to see her back on idol, if she's not back, I wont watch idol anymore, cause I really like the 3 original judges.

  5. Aww! It would be so cute if Paula were pregnant. She would make a wonderful mummy. If this is indeed true, I'm hoping Simon is the daddy. :)

    Oh and I hope Simon doesn't sign for 3 more years on Idol if Paula isn't coming back. I love SImon, but I'll not be watching Idol this year. Without Paula, Idol is nothing.

  6. If FOX don't bring Paula back they will lose so many viewers including me FACT ! I hope Simon is able to do something about it :) WE LOVE PAULA !!!

  7. paulas pregnant is tht y she left idol cuz shes pg n they wnt pay her...if she dnt come back to idol ima stop watchin it tht way theyll have to bring her back cuz they lost viewers

  8. hi ... wow i love it read your blog, i love paula she is my idol and I do not understand everything you are saying I do not know whether to believe that they say about the pregnancy really wish it was true and that Paula could finally be happy. and my biggest dream is that simon is with her,it would be strange that Simon would be dad, but would be a wonderful dad. Simon + Paula = SAULA and SAULA = PERFECT COUPLE
    happy day i love u :)


  9. you know something that the fans need to know about Paula? just tell us, you're near her and know her well, we need to know if it's true that Paula is pregnant, this would be wonderful ... and if Simon was the dad, aww! would be even more wonderful.
    I want see to Paula back on idol, she is the heart of the show!

  10. which is the exact reason why Paula is not on idol?
    .fights with fox
    .new program with simon
    .disagreement with producers

  11. awww, Paula being pregnant would b AWESOME! Well, only if it was Simon's =p Wht will they name it? When will she tell the fans??? PAULA NEEDS TO B PREGNENT; AND IT NEEDS TO BE SIMON'S! If you ever read the Saula fanfic story I.L.W.U. you would agree that everything happening is just like in the story. Mr. Cowell, PLEASE find out if Paula is pregnant, and if it is Simon's. Also, could you please tell us what their "relationship status" is? PLEEASEEEEE?


  12. awww i wish she was but i dont think so!

    just seen some pictures of her the other day at a party and her stomach could'nt get any flatter. :(