Monday, November 9, 2009

045 Cowell Factor: What’s more important - the ability to sing - or the ability to entertain?

Is Idol boss Simon Fuller working with my brother to bring X Factor to America? - I have a hunch. And…what’s more important to an artist - the ability to sing - or the ability to entertain? I find out!

But first – Let’s get down into the Fame Games talent bank - and this week I have to mention Chicago band Beckon Q. I’m really impressed with your song Written On My Soul. Your voice Becky is hypnotic. Great sound.

And now up to New York for Natalie Major and your song Hide and Seek. Yea, like this a lot Natalie - and also your balled Lullaby. You have one big voice - and one big future.

So what’s been going on in CowellWorld? Some of you have emailed me saying - Tony, we’re not interested in hearing about the X Factor - We only wanna know whether there is going to be an American X Factor. And so many of you say - as Paula is no longer on idol - you wont bother to watch it next year.

Diane Andrews says:

Hey Tony.
I hope Paula & Simon will be two of the judges. I have watched a couple of episodes and I think the format is far superior to the Idol format. Especially the part where the judges sort of compete with each other. (you mean mentor Diane) It’s far more interesting than boring old Idol. Also they have groups compete, which makes it more interesting. Hope to see the show happen.

Oh It will Diane. It will.

Talking of Idol, I notice Kris Allen’s first single is a cover of The Scripts Live like We’re Dying. Mmm, covers are a bit of a cop out 19 Management. Do you like Kris? Is he your Idol - Let me know please.

By the way, I forgot to mention this a couple of weeks ago. If you thought my Simon and Simon Fuller hate each others guts - then why was Fuller at Simon’s 50th birthday party? Have they made up? Well, till Mr. Cowell takes the X Factor to America, that is. Or…is that what it’s all about -- they’re both working on this deal. Well Fuller wasn’t giving anything away. So…once again, we’ll have to wait and see.

So here’s the thing…Robbie Williams said “I’ve nothing against anyone following their dream - but not if there’re crap.” Mmm – can’t imagine what show he’s talking about.
Now Last week Simon called one of the contestants on X Factor “a singing candle.” In other words - great voice but no stage presence. She’s just motionless on stage when she sings. On the other hand The Twins can’t sing - but move around the stage like two kids possessed. So…I couldn’t help but wonder…what’s more important - the ability to sing or the ability to entertain? What is it that the record buying public actually want from you artists? Well, for two kids who can’t sing - the twins are clearly getting a hell of a lot of votes from girls who think they’re entertaining.
The twins and the singing candle are both under 21. Time enough then, for them both to learn each others skills. But whether it’s the X factor or Idol - the one thing we never know about these contestants until the shows over - is whether they can actually write songs.

As I’ve said before - that’s your pension. All my favourite Idol artists who have gone on to make a great career have been good songwriters.

So, is success all about looks then? Sure…We live in a beauty-obsessed society, so if you don’t look good, do music producers think you won’t be able to attract a large fan base?

I got to be honest, there are thousands of singers out there with a great voice - the whole world has talent. But as far as dance is concerned: You don’t have to be a ballerina, but an ability to move well on stage is kinda important. Very few artists have both qualities in abundance - though Michael Jackson comes to mind.

And what about the candle factor - stage presence. Do you bring the house down when you are on stage, or do you simply stand there and sing like the candle girl?

At the end of the day - for me, it’s always going to be about the songwriting: Ok, you have a great voice, but the reality is that if you are not writing your own songs – and great ones, too – you will, in my opinion, never have a long-term career. And that’s why I’m convinced that musical platforms like Fame Games are going to play such a huge role in the future of music.

Email me and tell me what you think, Is Kris Allen your Idol?:

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  1. OK ,so you mean there WILL be the so called Saula on x factor? I'm really looking forward for that show! They should probably cancel Idol too!!!

    More Saula news, more Saula news, more Saula news!!!

  2. I wish Simon would just quit Idol and focus all of the attention on the American X-Factor.. that's going to be a much better show anyways. I'm no longer interested in watching Idol at all.

  3. When will we actually hear some confirmation about the American X-Factor? I wish Simon would just close the deal already.

  4. Did you ever figure out why Paula didn't go to Simon's birthday party? Why did Ryan say "don't ask"???