Tuesday, December 29, 2009

051 Cowell Factor: Simon tells Fame Games if this is his last year on American Idol!

Exclusive to Fame Games, I give the inside scoop: Will this season be the last for Simon on American Idol!

Coming up: Sales of albums by the best selling artists are in decline, which is good news for indies as the BIG labels go hunting for new talent!

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As X Factor winner Joe battles it out with Rage Against the Machine, I bring you an up-close and personal interview from Simon, will he be signing another X Factor year in partnership with ITV?

Listen to my Cowell Factor HERE or go to famegamesradio.com and find out if Simon will be back on American Idol after this season?

I want to know from you: where DO all of Subo’s fans live and who is buying her album? I don’t know anyone but my mom who bought her album…and she got her copy for free.

And…are big label artists yesterday’s new? Tell me what you think!

For all the aspiring musicians and singers out there, there’s never been a better time for new artist to break through! Listen HERE and get inspired to move your music forward in 2010.

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The Cowell Factor

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  1. YES, that is so good that the X Factor is going to come to the US! But Simon BETTER hire Paula if he wants his show to be successful! Maybe you guys in the UK don't really know this, but Paula is one of America's sweetheart.... Whatever Paula is on, its a success.... Just saying!

  2. Check out this Christmas song and Im on the Fame Games too!