Monday, March 15, 2010

061 Cowell Factor: I miss Paula Abdul!

I genuinely miss Paula Abdul! I also tell you why Ellen should NOT be judging Idol! And...who's in line to replace Dannii Minogue on X Factor?!

Coming up: Who is responsibe for the way you deal with sudden Fame? I find out!!!

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Listen HERE to find out what's happenin' in Cowell World!! Hear about Simon's new Idol dressing room! I tell you who I think should replace Dannii on X Factor. And...for all inspring singers, hear about NEW ways of submitting to X Factor.

Was hiring Ellen a terrible decision? Is there always a price for FAME? And, who would you like to see in Dannii Minogue's seat next year?

I want to hear from YOU: Email me anytime, I'd love you hear what you think!
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If you've only got ONE shot at FAME you might as well get it right!!


  1. Tony, Ryan has a life. One he built without help from a famous younger sibling. Something to think about.

  2. Agree. Why knock Ryan, he's one of your brother's most valued friends and not a hanger on, like some i could mention. Don't be so snide with your comments, you don't have the charm to pull it off like Simon.

  3. You are right Tony. Ellen is not the hit everyone was looking forward to. I read an article yesterday from a guy who just wants them to cancel Idol right now and be done with it!!! No judges chemistry at ALL. And Paula needs to replace Danni for the whole series of BXF this fall. The British press likes to act like Paula doesn't exist, but the fans loved her when she was on the auditions a few years ago. The Brits deserve to be treated to Simon & Paula magic just like the Americans.

  4. Oh goodness, I don't know what the hype about Paula is. All she was to the show was one big joke, rarely saying anything worth listening to. She was most fun during Season 5 when she seemed drunk the whole time, otherwise, I was more than happy to see her go!