Monday, April 27, 2009

017 Cowell Factor

Well I’m back from Vegas and I can confirm DJ Crier is officially the loudest person in Las Vegas. When I left Vegas there was only two words on everyone’s lips…Fame Games!

Meanwhile, back at The Cowell Factor, I dive straight back into the Fame Games talent bank to continue my search for some hot new breakout artists.

Meanwhile as American Idol insiders continue to argue whether to keep Kara on as a judge for next season it comes as no surprise that the news this week is that the show has made over $600 million dollars from CD sales alone. In total that’s 8.2 billion dollars over 8 years.
Mmmm….No wonder Simon wants a salary rise.

And Next week I can reveal that the remaining contestants get to sing songs made famous by the Rat pack - and for those to young to remember -- that means Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior. So yes, so yesterday.

Now it’s time to head down to the Fame Games talent bank - and this week I’ve singled out 17 year old Lee B from Israel. Lee, you have a great tone and range to your voice. And your songs have a certain innocent charm about them. I do believe you could have a big hit on your hands with your song Smile.

Now you know me - I like a bit of R&B and this week Puerto Rico born Josy B caught my eye. I found your song Think It Over and I love your sound and the way you blend hip-hop with R&B.

So here’s the thing…..With my jet lag still lingering along with the sound of DJ Crier’s beautiful voice - I’m going to continue my rant on Susan Boyle.

It’s kinda hard for me to fathom just why this wee Scottish lass who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent is now the biggest breakout star who has yet to make a record. The whole world is blogging about her.

And, get this, the news is that NOW, people are saying she was a plant. That the whole thing was orchestrated behind the scenes by SIMON.

Well, let me put you straight. Nobody on the show knew this would happen. And Simon hadn’t even heard her rehearse. Look at his face on that you tube clip - that’s genuine shock! Even he can’t act that well!

If I’m being honest it was simply just one of those magical moments that happened purely by chance.

But here’s the thing….what did I say last week? I hope she doesn’t change. I hope she sticks to her guns and keeps her own quirky look.

But no – it’s happened already. Just yesterday… Susan Boyle had a dramatic makeover. Gone is the grey hair and granny dress - her hair has been cut and coloured chestnut brown ….and wait for it……she was pictured sporting a leather jacket. Oh lordy!!!! Here we go.

What can we expect her to wear on the show next week - high heels and a mini skirt? I can’t wait. Showbiz just got better.

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