Monday, May 4, 2009

018 Cowell Factor

As Adam Lambert dreams of being buried in confetti at the Kodak Theatre - Idol gets ready to rock - as next week legendary Guns and Roses guitarist Slash gets to mentor the top 4. About time too!!

But first…..
Lets talk rock…while All Day Sucker maybe more my kind of music - Stella Blackrose a band from Denmark really hit me with their hypnotic catchy rock tunes. Have to Leave You is the standout track for me and I love the fact you have a brilliant female lead vocalist. I’m not surprised you attracted Zeppelin producer Stuart Epps to work with you!

Now I know I’ve mentioned Stars Go Dim before - but so what - I love them. And I’ve just heard a pre-release of their new song Love Gone Mad. I absolutely adore this song. You know what I’ve just realised who lead vocalist Chris Cleveland reminds me of. John Waite - You know - the guy who sang Missing You. And I used to be John’s publicist way back when. Stars Go Dim just got a whole lot brighter . I love you guys and you are definitely gonna make it big!

Now while that Susan Boyle woman continues to impress and annoy all at the same time. Simon has made his feelings quite clear. He Says that she needs to stop being distracted otherwise it could all go wrong. But you what? People are now saying ‘Enough already Boyle!! Yea, I’ve had enough too. I genuinely hope she doesn’t win the show. Get that ghastly leather jacket off - and be yourself girl.

So lets rock on. You know what? I’ve probably been around longer than Rolling Stone magazine - but thanks to botox I think I’m ageing better. Yet the magazine - still pulls in the star interviews but they’re kinda stuck with that whole sixties vibe. At the same time I was drawn to their list of Top 500 songs of all time. Which, as you would expect, is made up of Beatles, Dylan, Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin -The Clash. Songs you can't ignore - and some that genuinely stand the test of time. London Calling - and Nirvana’s Teen Spirit come quickly to mind.
But I couldn’t help but wonder…what that chart would look like in 20 years time. What songs of today will actually become classics? I guess we could expect some Snow Patrol, Keane or ColdPlay - and for good reason. But would there be a Beyonce song in there? Or a Lady Gaga? I don’t know.
But you know what? I genuinely believe there are artists close to home at Fame Games that definitely have the talent to write songs that will stand the test of time.
When YOU sit down to write a song - do you stop and think… I want to write a song that will live forever? It’s a hell of a challenge isn’t it. But look around at what is out there now.
What is that magic quality that makes a song a classic?
So Come on…’re the writers - you tell me.
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Now I’m off to get another shot of Botox as next week I’ll be talking to you from LA. The hear what else I said, listen to this podcast!

The Cowell Factor

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