Monday, September 21, 2009

038 Cowell Factor: Paula fans speak out!

The X factor gets ready to go to boot camp next week. At long last…. Meanwhile, Susan Boyle wows America with her first single!
And coming up…Boy! Do you have a lot to say about Ellen joining Idol.

But first…never mind the X Factor - we’ve got talent right here in the Fame Games talent bank.

And this week I’ve found Australian singer songwriter Emily Maguire. Emily, I love your song The Real World. It’s the only one I can find on Fame Games - so let’s hear some more.

Now I’ve always been a fan of crazy man Sunset Slim. And I like the new song Beautiful Day to be Bad.” And I agree with one reviewer – It’s very Reservoir Dogs. Love it Slim!

So what’s been happening in Cowell world??

Well…the news that Ellen Degeneres will join the Idol judging panel seems to have you up in arms……

Jenice Beatty writes:
I love how the core Idol fans are revolting over this whole Ellen thing. I think the fact that Simon hasn't publicly spoken about Ellen speaks volumes. I agree TONY…Simon already takes care of OUR voice...we don't need Ellen.

And Lily Holiday adds:
I think Ellen is a big mistake. It makes the show a joke... come on... she has NO credibility as a judge? She has absolutely no expertise in the music industry.

Mmmm - good point Lily. the X Factor gets set to go to boot camp next week the tables are already being laid for Simon's birthday party next month.
The mirrors are being strategically placed, and the champagne put on ice. My tux has been dry cleaned and I’m good to go. My only hope is that Britain’s biggest wannabe rock singer, Kate Moss changes her plan to ruin the night-- by singing! Please Kate, just leave it to Leona.

So here’s the thing…..
If you could have found a bookmaker willing to take the bet — which is doubtful — you could have made a fortune betting that Susan Boyle’s first single would be a 38-year old Rolling Stones classic.
Boyles version, in my opinion, transforms "Wild Horses" from a complicated account of emotional confusion to a simple exclamation of longing. Proof surely that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are vastly underrated as songwriters.

The fact is America appears to love Boyle - but love has many facets - so perhaps they fell in love with the fact that an ordinary woman was suddenly plucked from obscurity to become a superstar?

While Boyle’s star continues to shine brightly,there is, in Britain, a rising backlash against the exploitation of realty TV contestants??

Stars of reality TV shows should be paid the minimum wage, says the entertainment union Equity.
They accuse programme makers of 'exploiting and humiliating' vulnerable people by misleading them into thinking they can succeed in the entertainment industry - Claiming reality shows are the 'modern equivalent of a Victorian freak-show'. mmm

Apparently The Government is currently reviewing the protection of children on TV shows after 10-year-old Britain's Got Talent’s, Hollie Steel broke down in tears. My god…we have come along way.

And a poll by British newspaper The Guardian found that 67 per cent thought Susan Boyle had been exploited after she suffered a breakdown.

The truth is - they say - is that Boyle is a vulnerable and exploited middle aged woman. Her fairy tale did come true, but at a high physical and mental cost.

Look…what equity is really saying is ….‘Britain HAS got let's pay them.’ But the problem lies with human nature Equity - the whole world thinks they have talent! And every kid, and middle aged women with a dream…. want to be famous.

So have the talent police got a point? What do you think? Email me at

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  1. hey mr tony i m paula fan please talk 2 simon and ask him what s paula going 2 do

  2. and r u the one in the foto ? u look like simon

  3. I really hope Simon quits American Idol and signs the American X Factor to a network other than Fox. And brings Paula on to judge with him on the new show. Do you know anything else about this Tony? Is Simon really staying on Idol? I hope not.

  4. Hi how are you? Stefani Scovolo is fantastic, why is she not on the air yet? is there anybody out there with the wisdom to know that she is better than most that are getting grammy awards? get this girl on the air and produced, you will be glad you did it. she is a wonderful person and a go getter and never gives up. thanks a loyal fan, Barbara Baker