Monday, September 28, 2009

039 Cowell Factor: Lily Allen frustrated from illegal downloading

Is Simon really taking the X Factor to America? Is illegal downloading such a big problem for the record industry? Lily Allen seems to think so. AND X factor gets ready to go to boot camp next week!

Back in Britain - The X Factor reveals its final 24
But first…I wanna play the Fame Game to see if I can find the real stars of tomorrow.
And this week I’ve found….Lee Whittikar from one of my favorite places, Hollywood. Lee, I absolutely love your track Waiting For You. This should be a massive hit. It kinda sounds like as if The Police have joined Coldpay. Love it!

Next up is London boy, Andy Saxton and his song In Our Place. It’s an odd song really, but the more you hear it you realize its kinda sad but actually really well written. I like you Andy, but why only one song on Fame Games?

So whats been happening in CowellWorld?

Well…the rumor mill is grinding furiously again this week over whether Simon is about to take the X Factor to America. The truth is probably, yes. But there are complicated legal issues at stake here - and also he is yet to sign a deal with Idol for 2011 and 12. So he’s saying absolutely nothing. But I’m beginning to believe it’s only a matter of time before both actually happen. Where that leaves Paula? - we’ll have to wait and see.

Meantime, while the British tabloids are busy exposing all the naughty contestants; The X Factor is down to the final 24. And next weekend we see the Judges houses when Louis goes to Italy, with the groups and Ronan Keating. Cheryl gets a helping hand from Will Young. Mmmmm.
And Danni drags out her sister again. And Simon? - in LA of course with a big bag of colourful bikinis. Sinitta’s not Simons.

And, as the BBC refuses to back down - Simon has called time on the scheduling battle. He told me. “Actually I don’t care anymore. This should be about keeping the fans of both shows happy. All I want to do is focus on getting a great winner." That’s my boy!

So here’s the thing:
I’m reliably informed that every year in Britain 7.3 million computer users illegally download music tracks. Teenagers in particular have an average of more than 800 illegally copied songs on their digital music players. In turn this costs the music industry £200 million sterling.

And according to singer Lily Allen - she’s up in arms about it. And I reckon she’s got a point.
She says…illegal file sharing damages music because it harms new artists.

Lily adds...When you start off in your music career, you need money to establish and promote yourself, and pay for your material to be recorded. This money comes from music sales, because when you are a new artist you can’t make enough from gigging or selling t-shirts. If you can’t sell your music, you can’t go on.

Ok Lily - I get it. File sharing cuts off income for the cash-strapped emerging artists - which means that a generation of new artistes won’t be able to break through. Mmmmm.

Since speaking out about it - Some people have attacked Lily Allen saying - Hey, you’re rich now - so what are YOU moaning about?

But I do think she’s got a point. As musicians, and song writers I guess you too have a kind of duty to try and help stop piracy. If there is that kind of drain on the music industry - to the tune of 200 mill - then it must have an effect on the record labels spending on new artists. Surely?

So what can we do?
Do YOU ever download illegally? And is it as big a problem as Lily Allen says it is. I wanna know.
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  1. Remember that time when you said you wouldn't talk about Paula until January? Well, you didn't really hold yourself to that did you? Not that I mind, any time we hear about Paula from a Cowell is a treat. Though, no offense, it's better when it's coming from your brother :)

  2. LEE WHITTAKER is amazing! You should come to his showcase this wednesday, 9/30 @ Molly Malones at 8:00PM! <3

  3. I'm still upset that Paula won't be on Idol...Simon has said on numerous occassions that he wouldn't do the show without her and he'd fight for her...and now he's going to agree to stay on Idol just for more money? He's lost my respect. What happened with Paula was extremely unfair and disrespectful, and I never thought that Simon would let that happen. I'm disappointed to say the least. Not only is Paula great for that show, but she deserves to be on it...Ellen will be terrible in my opinion. I still hope Simon leaves Idol to do the X-Factor with Paula. That would make for a much better show in my opinion and prove to me that Simon is a man of his word.

  4. ^^I agree with the above post. I really liked Simon, but I'll be extremely disappointed if he signs on for more years of Idol after all of this. Not only did he say he would never do the show without Paula, but by staying he is agreeing to work with the people that were so rude and disrespectful to her and let her go. All for more money? I know Simon loves his bank account, but I also thought he was loyal to the people he loves. You can't tell me that Simon doesn't have power over at Idol, because that show will sink without him....and I hope it does. Move on Simon...Idol has officially jumped the shark and they obviously don't care about their viewers!