Monday, October 5, 2009

040 Cowell Factor: I predict X Factor's final 3!

I reveal The X Factor final 12 - and tell you who I think the final 3 will be.
And what news on the X Factor coming to America? Well…I expect to hear from the birthday boy himself!

And coming up…who will win the battle of this year’s Cowell Christmas number one album? The list is endless…Leona Lewis, Adam Lambert, Alexandra Burke, or Subo?

But first…let’s kick down the door to the Fame Games talent bank and showcase some of my favorite songs.

There’s a big buzz about Scottish band Logan. And guys…You say you are a hard rock band but your song With Me - shows your soft side. You write great rock songs and I agree with one critic - you deserve to be on a massive stage.

Next up is Californian singer Mika Cole. Mika, you definitely have jazz in your blood. Your voice is stunning and your song Say What You Want shows it off beautifully. More songs please…NOW.

So what’s been going on in CowellWorld?

Well…it’s all about my brothers 50th birthday party this weekend and the world’s press are camped outside at a certain country mansion in north London.

My plan is to get there early and leave Simon at the house to finish ironing his t shirt. Because… as I’m recording this, there are false eyelashes and Carmen rollers flying everywhere – it’s chaos…. So I’m hoping Simon will give them back to Mum so she can start to get dressed!!!

As you guys in America already know…. Paula Abdul is flying in to be at the party. So I’ll be definitely asking Paula a number of questions that I know you want answers to.

Meantime - the X Factor top 12 has been revealed. And yes, Danyl Johnson is through. So too is the worlds most annoying twins John and Edward. If you wanna know the full list - check out my blog. Right now!

X Factor Final 12
Groups (Louis Walsh):Kandy Rain, John And Edward and GrimesMiss F.R.A.N.K
Boys (Cheryl Cole):Lloyd Daniels, Rikki Loney, and Joe McElderry
Girls (Dannii Minogue):Rachel Adedeji, Stacey Soloman, and Lucie Jones
Over 25s (Simon Cowell):Jamie Afro, Danyl Johnson. and Olly Murs

Here is my prediction for the final 3:
Danyl Johnson
Olly Murs
And Lucie Jones -
Mmmm…I might live to regret that!

And Simon had a warning for the final 12. He told me, “We all saw what happened with Susan Boyle on BGT, and Danyl Johnson’s audition has already had over 7.5 million hits in a month! The world is watching… so make it count guys!”

Both Robbie Williams and Alexandra Burke are expected to perform on the first live shows with Whitney Houston and Cheryl Cole, who has her solo single out, appearing the following week. AND expect to see Susan Boyle on the show in November to launch her solo album due out on the 24th. Boy, November appears to be a busy month for Simon related releases. Adam Lambert, Subo, last years X Factor winner Alexandra Burke - AND Leona Lewis 2nd album.

So here’s the thing

If you live in the US - and this American version of X Factor goes ahead. Would you watch both Idol and X Factor??
And which show is likely to live longer? Or is it all down to who is on the judging panel?
For those of you stateside who are unfamiliar with the X Factor format. The show mixes groups and solo performers across four categories — 16–24 males, 16–24 females, Over 25s, and Groups. And the X Factor’s four judges also serve as mentors — one across each contestant category.

Does the X Factor format excite you more than the more - well established (but tired) Idol format.
Or is it for you …all about Simon and Paula?

Your emails tell their own story
Diane Andrews writes: If X Factor comes to the US I sure hope to see Paula on the panel. I think that show will be more exciting for her than Idol.

And Linda says: The American media are so excited about the X Factor coming here. So they are already convinced this is going to happen.

What do you think, fellow Idoloonies? Are you ready for an Americanized X Factor? Or is it a show too far?

Does that prospect make you worry at all about Idol’s long-term health? Could you see yourself tuning in to both shows, or would it be an either-or proposition? So many questions……But I wanna know. So email me at

The Cowell Factor

If you've only got ONE shot at FAME you might as well get it right!!


  1. Yes! We want American X Factor to happen and we want to see Simon and Paula on the judging panel as well.

  2. Hey Guys remember Laura White from last year’s X factor? Well her debut single ‘You Should Have Known’ is out on the 2nd November and you can see the brand new video at it is fabulous make sure you check it out, let’s get it to number 1!!!! Check out the official web site too

  3. Idol was DEAD for me the moment Paula Abdul tweeted she wasn't coming back. The possibility of having her on the US version of X Factor excites me, and if she is in the judging panel, I'll be watching that show without a doubt. Now, if Simon Cowell is added to the panel, and if he seats next to Paula... Boy-oh-boy, I promise not to miss ONE episode!!!
    But no, it isn't all about the so called Saula couple to me(even though it is a big part of it.) I enjoy watching the X Factor, and yes, I will consider taking time to watch the US version of the show!
    I'd say:
    Fox, cancel American Idol, and put on X Factor! Sure guarantees you millions!