Friday, November 27, 2009

048 Cowell Factor: Louis tells me about Jeward's future!

Is Paula Abdul the New Oprah? I hope not. Back in London…I get the scoop from X Factor judge Louis Walsh - about what the future holds for Jedward. What future?! And coming up…who are the most influential artists of the century.

But first, it’s time to check in down at the Fame Games talent bank. I’m a sucker for a good lyrical story - and I found one this week in Nashville, TN, folk singer Laurie McClain. Your song He smiled Like an Angel has it all. Vocally it’s compelling - and you definitely know how to deliver a song Laurie.

Mmmm…I seem to have gone all mellow this week because I also really like Aussie band The Sparkling Arrest. Your song Skyman is really good. It reminds me of the Waterboys - May I suggest something? - Strip it back and do a 3 minute version - you may then have a hit on your hands.

So what’s been going on in Cowell World? Ohhhh - quite a lot - I can tell you!

As Jedwood finally get booted off the X Factor - their mentor Louis Walsh told me they could now make millions - and does Simon wears too much make up?

Listen to my podcast now to hear me talk with Louis!

Now back to the US - and you’re still going on about everything Idol AND X Factor.

Donna emailed me and said,

Tony, I can't figure out whether or not you actually like Cheryl Cole. Because I think your brother is madly in love with her. Body language says a lot and I don't think he'll sit that close to Ellen on Idol next season.

Donna - actually, I do like Cheryl…and I can assure you Simon does too. But look we’re not fighting over her - Simon’s not in love with anyone - except himself.

But yes, he’s very comfortable with Cheryl - and they definitely work well together. As for Ellen and Simon? Mmm…watch out for musical chairs.

And Paula says that she wants to do a talk show. She said, “It would be fun to jam with the band and have amazing guests and introduce different formats on the show.” Mmmmmm - don’t believe it ----is this just another red herring Paula???

So here’s the thing…this week - The British music magazine ‘Q’ launched their Who’s Who of Pop and Rock Royalty of the Century. Bit early in the century but anyway …there’s 34 of them to be exact. And just to be clear, the magazine claims that all 34 artists are there because they are influential, (mmmmm) - and have significantly shaped our musical tastes since the year 2000. OK let’s take a look. The magazine sites Amy Winehouse, Coldplay (yuk!) Paul McCartney, U2, Lily Allen, Kings of Leon, Noel Gallagher - Muse, Snow Patrol, and Mark Ronson,

Mmmm, no X Factor winners then.

I don’t mean to be rude but…it seems to me that with the inclusion of McCartney and U2, the magazine has gone for influential rather than musical achievement. What has McCartney done recently? Also, the best U2 material was like…20 years ago? And if the truth be told - none of these artists are real independents. And why no Blur, or Kasabien? Or even Lady Gaga?

You know what Q? – You’re boring me!

I wanna know from YOU - which artists do you think have really made an impact over the past ten years- and make sure there’s some indie’s in there. Email me at
I’m Tony cowell - and you’ve just heard the Cowell Factor

The Cowell Factor

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  1. Simon? Not in love with anyone but himself? HA! I think you left a little tiny (literary) person out:
    Paula Julie Abdul
    But its ok my British friend, I understand!
    Could you please try playing cupid with Simon and Paula? I'll help, and I'll get my friends to do it too! Please? I'd do anything on planet Earth and beyond!!! And please answer!
    So, Paula having a talk show. I like it! But I still think her place is judging, preferably X Factor!! I also think she should stop hosting TV awards, because people are starting to call her the "award granny"! Where do you think she belongs Tony? Well, I'll always support my girl!
    I just CAN NOT imagine Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole together! I like Cheryl, but its just wrong! why is Simon such a flirt? I know he's hot and rich, but what else? Oh well, I guess we'll never know...

    Don't mean to put you in a spot, but who do you think Simon should be with:
    Paula Abdul (=]) or Cheryl Cole (=/)???

    Anyway, I love your blog!! Thanks for um... having it!


  2. When the X Factor comes to the US next year which of Simon's other shows is he going to leave? I personally hope it's Idol.. that way all the viewers will filter toward AXF. I think that's the best way to ensure the maximum success for the new show. I just can't see people watching both American Idol and the X Factor here, especially if Simon's on both of them. I know the two shows are different, but I still think they may be too similar for people to watch both.

  3. I think Paula does want to do a talk show sometime in the future. I think she would be a great talk show host the next Oprah no but I do not think there will be another talk show host equal to Oprah for a very long time.
    I do agree Paula is putting it out there to distract people from asking about projects she is really working on such a Vegas show, and possibly American X-Factor. Why not it generates press without giving information she not ready to give out. Everyone wants to know what she is going to do now that she is not working on AI.

  4. Can this blog please stop being so Paula-centric! I know she was a major part of Idol, but it's kind of disrespectful to Tony when the majority of comments are all Paula related.

    He is writing about new music and kindly keeps us updated on Simon news, which i'm grateful for, but maybe people could stop treating this blog as a Paula fan site?