Monday, December 7, 2009

049 Cowell Factor: Does Simon care more about money than making music?

I get to play cupid - as Maggie (Fame Games contest winner) meets Simon - in his dressing room. And Susan Boyle tops the world’s album charts! LISTEN HERE to this week's Cowell!

Coming up: Does Simon care more about making money
than making music? I find out.

ALSO, don't miss: my two picks in the Fame Games artist spotlight, AND Simon's plans for a GLOBAL X Factor...and I tell you which city he wants to host it!

Don't miss the story of Fame Games contest winner Maggie Paz and her 5000 mile journey to meet my brother Simon at last week's X Factor. AND...I explore something that George Michael said:

The music business is built on ego, vanity, and self-satisfaction, and it's total crap to pretend it's not.


THEN, I wanna know from YOU, tell me, has Simon helped the music business or is he quietly killing it?

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The Cowell Factor

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  1. Simon has to leave on of his current shows for American X Factor right? Which one is it going to be? I hope he leaves Idol... AXF will much better in my opinion..