Monday, January 11, 2010

054 Cowell Factor: Is Simon excited for Idol?

Simon is poised, ready to sit down next to Ellen, or Randy…or god forbid, Kara. So, is it make or break time from Idol?

Speaking of Idol, Kris Allen is outselling Adam Lambert on the Billboard Top 100. Are you surprised? I’m not!

Coming up: If you ever decide to do a cover version how do you make sure you make it your own? I find out.

Don't miss my first Fame Games pics for 2010 (check out all these songs at and type their names in the search bar).

Listen to the FULL Cowell Factor HERE and find out the latest happening in Cowell World! Is Simon happy to start idol? New challenge, different panel and No Paula. Will this upset the equilibrium?

Now back to cover songs. I want to know from you: When it comes to covers, who does them best? And...what are the best covers of all-time? Listen now, and hear some of Simon's favourite you think any of Leona's will be on there?

Enjoy the first week of Idol and then email me what you think

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  1. Will Ryan be hosting American X Factor?

  2. Yaaaaaay!!!!! American X-Factor is finally coming true. But please leave those BRITISH judges across the pond. Love the Brits, but please make this AMERICAN X-Factor. (We will take SIMON though)

  3. Hey, I give up American Idol, but I don’t give up SIMON! Hahaha, he is the best! Is he REALLY going to put Paula Abdul as a judge? I read a quote by Simon:
    "I adore Paula (Abdul). Whatever happens, I will be working with her in some capacity, because I miss her."
    Would that be true?

    And Idol is not only about talent. Of course its purpose is to find it, but like anything else, it also consists of a combination -- A well balanced one! We, Americans, are use to the judging panel, and it was a big part on making Idol what it is today. Now that the panel is unbalanced, the show isn't as great. It’s like chemistry: You can’t have water without 2 atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen!
    As of the talent:
    It is amazing how so many people are so talented but never get discovered, and how there is so much people that are very, very famous and are not as good. I really think that this is a great blog, and I truly wish more influential people in the music business would read/listen to it. Anything we (your readers) can do? =)
    All the artists you mentioned are great, I will be looking forward for their albums!

    Tony, I would very much appreciate it if you answered this question with your most sincere answer:
    Do you believe that Simon is truly in love with Paula? The other way around???

    Kindest regards,
    Maddi R.

  4. I can't wait for AXF to start. I hope that Simon and Paula are reunited on the show they have great on screen chemistry. Hope Simon is the only British judge on the panel. Love the Brits, but I think we have too many British judges on American talent shows and we do not need any more.


  5. Looking forward to seeing American Idol start tonight in the UK. Great news for Simon that he is taking X Factor over to the States, hope we get to watch it here. My cynical side said this was always the reason Paula didn't sign a new contract with Idol.

    I am praying Simon doesn't give up the X Factor over here, it looks like it will have to air at a different time of year though if he stays.

    I will be watching your blog closely to hear the news on here first.

  6. Tony,

    Can you recomment Simon hires Ryan as host or Judge on XF USA. Their chemistry is too good to lose. If Ellen can be a judge, then i see no reason why Ryan - a popular DJ - could not be one.

  7. OK now I'm just waiting for X-Factor. I tried watching Idol and Kara is even more annoying than last year....rude, obnoxious, and annoying. And sooooo trying to be Paula. Poor Simon. I don't know how he stands it. And I agree with that person above. Please Simon put Americans on the new show.