Monday, January 18, 2010

055 Cowell Factor: Who would take Simon's place on American Idol?

American Idol said it would think young and edgy in season 9 - so why allow a 62 year-old to audition in Atlanta? Then came those guest judges….did they work for you? I judge the judges!

Speaking of judges, how many times could Vicotria Beckham say the word "Nice?"

Coming up: When Simon leaves Idol - who would you want to take his place?

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Listen to the FULL Cowell Factor HERE and find out the latest happening in Cowell World! What's FOX doing about Simon's potential leave? Will anyone really care about American Idol after this season?

Thank goodness FOX will have American X Factor to fall back on. Why? Isn’t this what we’ve always wanted - Paula Abdul and Simon reunited - holding hands and goofing around on TV again?

I genuinely don’t know for sure whether this will for the rest of the tell me…because I have a feeling he will go for 4 judges. So…if it were Simon and Paula…then I think he will choose Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh to complete the foursome.

Email this week and tell me who you think would be replace Simon on American Idol AND...what's your dream American X Factor Team

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  1. Tony,

    Stop avoiding the issue! Enough talk of the judges. Who's going to be the host?!!!

  2. Americans (at least the Americans I've talked to) don't want three or four Brits as judges. Nothing against England, but this is AMERICAN X-Factor. 95% of Americans probably don't even know who Louis or Cheryl are, and probably don't care. There are enough British judges in America already. I think AGT would have higher rating with all American judges. The judges need to be known to the American public....not behind the scenes people like Kara DioGuardi or Tommy Mattola. And certainly not as mean and ANNOYING as Kara. Come on Simon, there are lots of artists to pick from.

    My 2 cents,

  3. Yeah I can't see a majority British panel going over too well in America either. I wouldn't mind having more industry people on the panel besides Simon- but I agree about Kara- so annoying! Putting Paula on the panel is also a really smart move.

  4. I agree with the others posters we do not want a majority British panel. Simon is the only British person that should be on the panel. As for the host I hope it is not Ryan Seacrest he is overexposed and annoying.

    When Simon leaves Idol - who would you want to take his place?

    Who cares Idol is Dead. Simon and Paula were two people that made the show. Most of the contestants suck and are not worth watching.
    Besides hiring Ellen is going to backfire in the last few monthes she has become overexposed people are getting sick of seeing her face and the shows she has taped have not even aired yet. I liked watching her a few monthes but now I just tune out anything with her because I sick of seeing her face and I know there are people that feel the same.


  5. Would LOVE to see Ms Abdul and Si back together on TV, in my eyes you cannot duplicate that.. their chemistry is the stuff other shows dream of. Love them both :)

    I've totally got my fingers crossed to hope that they are, Their banter is just bloody classic. Started as hate and now its progressed to love I think haha! xx

    Mr Cowell is a VERY smart man :D Can't wait for AXF!

  6. Pannel:
    Simon, Paula, Paul McCartney(it would brign a LOT of views), an American judge.
    I didn't watch Idol except for the "Pants in the Ground" video, and Beckham is TERRIBLE!
    Who cares if ANYONE replaces Simon, the show is dead! Guest judges? Sucks for them that they're staring in such a bad show!
    Hey, you understand me man! Saula is the KEY to any Cowell show! PLEASE no more Brits(no offence, but this is an American show)!
    Could you please fill us in on how Saula is doing? Thanks!


  7. You can't seriously think that Simon, Paula, Cheryl, Louis panel will go over well in AMERICA do you? There are enough qualified Americans in the entertainment industry without having to bring in two people Americans have never even heard of before... and I can barely even understand Cheryl...

  8. Dear Tony,
    I have to agree that any British judges besides Simon on AMERICAN X-Factor would be too many. I know Simon thinks Cheryl is a star but nobody here knows who she is, and much as I like Louis, I think Simon should pick a younger guy with a rock or R&B background.
    I'm going to assume that Paula is a done deal and that her contract was probably signed months ago. As for another female, I really liked Shania on Idol. It was the first show this year that Simon actually looked like he wanted to be there. Her personality is very much like Paula's...sweet, funny, and quirky. Probably why Simon enjoyed her so much. I think her and Paula would be hilarious together. Two very HOT 40-something women ganging up on Simon. I can already see it now. Shania is not American either, but at least we know who she is, and can understand her.

    Thanks Tony!
    Elizabeth G.

  9. Anyone that said Kara is annoying is so stupid. Kara is awesome and so is Paula. She should still be on if it weren't for Simon or that girl that shot herself in front of Paula's house.So therfor I am a little glad he is leaving, but I wish Paula was coming back to replace him. I hate Ellen as a judge too. If not paula to replace simon, Carrie Underwood or Kellie Pickler should because they were both on American Idol, made it very far, and they're both really nice and they no what music and voices are good and what music and voices are bad.