Monday, January 25, 2010

056 Cowell Factor: Simon works on Haiti Earthquake Relief Song

I read out your emails about YOUR American X Factor dream panel…but as far as Idol goes…Simon says NO to Lady Beckham but Shania brings new hope to the American Idol judging panel!

Coming up: Are last years Idol finalists letting their fans down?

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Listen to the FULL Cowell Factor HERE and find out the latest events going on in Cowell World! Simon’s busy taking on the Haiti Earthquake disaster relief song and is driving himself mad pulling all the top superstars together...I tell you when it hits the streets!

Also...I talk about a certain new album being released by a Beatle...and it's not Paul! Randy tells what he really thinks of last years American Idol releases AND then I get down to what you all really want to talk about: your dream American X Factor panel.
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  1. Okay... I highly doubt anyone seriously thinks Simon and Paula Abdul will ever get married Tony!
    Where do you come up with this stuff?
    I think all of these Americans just don't want any British people on their panel... but I guess I wouldn't want Simon with three Americans over here so maybe they do have a point...

  2. Toonyyy Tonny Tonnyy..
    People do like Cheryl in the US, quite a lot, but its the case of have TWO British judges I think.. I don't know.. Anyway I'd love Ms Abdul on the panel, I think her and Simon's antics are pure gold! Seriously. They just bounce off one an other its brilliant. I actuall in all honest just miss the Idol Family Panel from day one Randy, Paula, Simon & Ryan.. Those were the daaaays! <3

  3. Simon and Paula are great together on TV, I do not think they are going to get together in real life. And if they were I don't think Cheryl would be a factor in stoping them. Besides Cheryl is married and has said that Simon is too old for her.

    I have watched clips of X-factor UK and I can say I personally cannot understand Cheryl when she talks. That is not the only problem with having Cheryl on xfactor US. Americans love british people, but we prefer them on your TV shows more as one token british person and not as the majority with one or two Americans. Take for example Americas Got Talent there is Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne we love both of them independently but them together on an American show is boring. That is the case with all other American shows with more than one British judge. It's just not as interesting to us.

    How do think X-factor UK would be if Simon was the only British Judge and all other judges and the host were Americans that you do not know and do not care about. Say if Louise was replaced with Randy J., Danni replaced with Kara who, Cheryl replaced with Jessica Simpson, and Dermot O'Leary replaced by Mario Lopez. What do you think would that line up work in England?

  4. Simon and Paula married? Just like you said, in our dreams! But no need to be rude about it pal!
    Are you sure you weren't the fake Simon Cowell on twitter? Sounds a lot like yoou!!! And what is up with us Paula fans? Ummm. SD... You know.. Saula Disorder! I know its all just television, but your brother does an awesome job at making it look real! And I do hope Paula knows that its not real... I mean, I'm sure she does, but I dont wanna see her hurt, you know? Seriously, do you like "Paula Fans?" How about Saula fans? Do you even like us at all like people????

    Anyways, thanks for telling us "whats up on Cowell World" Its always great to know about the cool artists and interesting news that only an "insider" has!


  5. Wow, Tony, what did all those Paula fans (or should I say Simon/Paula fans) say to make you so defensive? People actually suggested they get married? And they fear Simon's relationship with Cheryl? I just don't want a panel of British judges, whether it be Cheryl or anyone else.
    I don't believe S & P will ever get married either, but you know you don't have to be married to be a couple. I have to disagree when you say they will never be a couple, because I think they already every sense of the word. I would even say they have a very intense and volatile relationship, but they will always make-up in the end because they seem to be two bodies inhabiting one soul. Am I an incurable romantic? Yes. But I'm just telling it the way I see it.
    Yes, Simon does have great chemistry with Cheryl and with Amanda Holden. But that's where the similarity ends. Simon and Paula go way beyond good chemistry. Watch the American Idol finale shows from Season 8. You will see a lot more than Simon's arm around Paula's chair.